The first step…

… is damn difficult and damn scary, but it’s crucial.

Hello everyone, and thanks for taking the time to check out my site.  I hope it helps you find some encouragement, motivation, or whatever inspiring emotions you need to feel if you’re contemplating the climb of Mt. Going Back to School as an Adult.  My goal in creating this blog is to journal my experiences and to provide resources and suggestions for those of you in the same boat.  It’d also be lovely to get a little bit of love and support from my readers.  What can I say?  I’m kind of needy like that.

The first step in the journey of becoming an adult student (I think I’ll call us “non-tradies” from now on) is making the decision, and buying into the decision, to go back to school.  You’ll be asking yourself questions like:

  • What exactly do I want to accomplish from going back to school?
  • How long will it take me to get my certification/degree?
  • Who in my life will support me while I do this? (This can be in the context of emotional, mental, financial, or other support).
  • What changes will I need to make and when can I make those changes?

I’m sure there will be more things to consider than what I’ve listed.  Seeing as college is a major decision, I’m in full support of taking all the time you need to ask yourself questions and to get the answers to those questions.  This will be something that will occur regularly throughout the process.

Once you’ve taken the time to seriously meditate on your choice, stand up, and confidently affirmed “I am going back to school,” it’s time to (literally) put your money where your mouth is and start planning for one helluva trip.

Until next time, kids!


Stepping into reality – The Open House


Sorry for the potato quality photo.  I lost some pixels in the picture because I was sitting far back from the crowd getting the shot with my phone camera zoomed all the way in.

The open house, which happened in April, was the first of many moments where the reality of my choice sank in.  In the moment I took this photo I was sitting away from the crowd processing the doubts I was feeling about taking the step to go back.  Thankfully I utilized my support system and was texting a close friend who works for another college’s admissions department.

One thing I experienced at the open house was staff asking me who the student was/where they were, not realizing that I was the student.  Out of a couple hundred people who attended the event, I looked to be one of five non-traditional students (they had us raise our hands in the auditorium during the presentation, that’s how I know).  In a way I envied the high schoolers and young 20 somethings with their moms and dads sitting with them.  There I was, near 30, trying to prove that I know how to adult and doubting myself.

But fret not, readers!  I didn’t give up!  I stayed and got a lot of valuable info; mostly about financial aid stuff and getting a tour of the campus, but those are support important things.

So if you’re still at the beginning steps of going back to school, I urge you to go to an open house.  Expose yourself to your thoughts and fears about your decision before financially investing in it.  But don’t let those fears turn you off or turn you away.  Explore them; they’re valid.

What uncertainties are you or have you faced about going back to school?  How did you motivate yourself to move past them?